Archetype celebrates 30 Years with a transformative leap: the 30's taking over 30!

30 years of excellence, now with a fresh perspective.

For 30 years we have specialized in strengthening our partner's human capital offering a comprehensive suite of services including recruitment, training, and evaluation. With a 30-year legacy of excellence and innovation, Archetype is committed to ethical practices and a human-centric approach, helping organizations unlock their full potential.

Now, with Steve and Davy at the helm, the company is innovating by focusing on what's truly important: the right culture and personality fit.

The added value comes from spending more time in the selection process, ensuring that the right individuals are placed in the right roles.

Steve and Davy Diamant, both in their 30's, have been Archetype’s first employees already in their nappies. To gain credibility, they wanted to first do their experience individually. With their respective backgrounds in Media and Tech (Davy) and Digital Transformation, Communication, and Events (Steve), they are uniquely equipped to guide Archetype in addressing tomorrow's challenges.

Marc Diamant, reflecting on this significant transition, said, "This is a fusion of wisdom, innovation, and fresh energy. Steve and Davy's perspectives will propel Archetype to new heights, while maintaining our core values and human-centric approach."

A future ready to embrace tomorrow's challenges

Archetype's new leadership is committed to enhancing the company's offerings, leveraging cutting-edge strategies, and maintaining a focus on ethical practices and personalized solutions.

The synergy between the generations ensures that Archetype will continue to lead in human capital development, with a renewed emphasis on what truly matters in recruitment.

Davy Diamant expressed his vision, stating, "We are ready to build on the strong foundation laid by our father. Our combined expertise will enable Archetype to evolve and adapt, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry, while keeping the human touch, which is essential in today’s era."