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We see the audit, not as a critical analysis of the situation, but rather as a way to illuminate your choices and to share our experience and perceptions with you concerning the operation of your company—whether it be its global operation or the operation of specific departments.


The tools that we use at Archetype include both qualitative and quantitative surveys, inter- and extra-company observations, field monitoring, assessments, in-depth interviews or even the organization of “mystery evaluations”. All these methods are centered on the aptitudes and attitudes of the person or teams.


Within the framework of our AUDIT, you can expect to be asked the following questions:


Global Audit

Are each person’s skills put to good use and are they properly valued?

How can productivity and commitment be optimized in your company?

How can you together optimize the operation of your services?

Business department audit

Do your clients have the same qualitative vision of your different services?

Do your internal teams do a good job of integrating business employees?

Do your teams function in an optimal way?

Could you possibly aim for a higher ROI?

Human resources audit

How are visible or latent tensions managed?

Which annual evaluation tools do you use?

Audit of the modes of communication in the organization

How do your internal and external teams communicate with one another?

Do the sales and marketing departments share the same vision?

Is each department in the company client-oriented enough?

Organizational well-being audit

Is conflict management an occasion for developing team spirit?

Are your employees satisfied and committed to the company and naturally client-oriented?

Are your values accepted and shared?

Managerial audit

Do your managers optimize their skills?

Do your managers motivate your teams in the best possible way?

Are your managers able to defend their team in front of directors and defend directors in front of their team?

Do your managers delegate work in relation to employees’ skills?

Would you like to combine our different services?


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