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Providing a structured modus operandi to your employees is not enough for success. At Archetype, your employee’s development involves both a process of questioning and of taking a distance from his or her situation and available tools in order to gain a global perspective. From this angle, we wish to provide our specialized experience, as well as the experience of our dedicated and caring coaches.


The optimal development of new skills involves a 4-step process based on an archetype, which serves as an essential explanatory model.


  • Acceptance

Initiating change involves first making your employees aware of it.


  • Acquisition

Beyond knowing about the change, it is best for the employees to develop positive attitudes towards it, as well as a full awareness of it.


  • Learning stage

A positive attitude toward change leads each of the participants to develop new behavioral attitudes.


  • Action

The training and development of these behaviors, as well as the positive attitudes which made them emerge, actively contribute to the development of the individual or the team’s expertise.


It is by not only considering the expertise to be acquired, but also the attitudes to adopt, in view of the new information and awareness gained, that Archetype builds and enriches its services for company development.


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