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Business skills

From our daily experience at Archetype in the area of business careers, we have developed specialized training in direct connection with the reality of everyday work within a company for those in the business professions.


Internal and external business employees and non-business employees to provide them with the necessary basics

Sales methods (basic and advanced-level)

Needs analysis

Detecting buyers’ rational and emotional motivations

Negotiating and concluding a sale

Time management

Brief and concise communication for short presentations

Facing the competition

Optimizing your portfolio


Considering the level of specialization in marketing profiles, Archetype has developed themes within its training programs which aim to increase the strength of this service inside your company.


Seminar for optimizing collaboration between the sales and marketing departments

Initiation toward marketing basics



Via our recruiting, development, and analysis services, Archetype is in daily contact with company management departments, which allows us to develop methods of assistance with the aim of optimizing managerial roles.


How to defend your team in front of directors and to defend directors in front of your team

Team management: delegating and supervising

Communication and leadership: motivation and stimulation

Running meetings

Evaluation techniques and operational interviews

Improving the organization of one’s department

Human Resources

The goal of the training programs destined for human resource professionals is to professionalize their process of analysis and follow-up, as well as the daily management of problems which each human resources member is confronted with in his or her work.


  • Selecting sales and marketing candidates
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Building a skills profile
  • Developing talents and potential skills
  • Internal evaluation techniques


At all levels of the company, Archetype suggests that you take a distance from your internal and external modes of communication and that you consider new channels of communication and adequate tools.


  • Communication: satisfaction and loyalty-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Professionalizing client relations

Well-being and commitment

The goal here is to acquire knowledge and assessment tools to measure well-being in the workplace in order to implement good communication skills and hands-on practices within your organization.


  • Creating and optimizing employees’ and managers’ commitment
  • Well-being in the workplace


Initiating change, positioning oneself better in one’s professional environment, and building a solid strategy are all mandatory processes in order to build a well-functioning organization. Archetype leads its training courses by conciliating an organizational approach with an individual approach.


  • Running meetings
  • A relevant and useful organization chart
  • Improving the organization of one’s department
  • Time management
  • Adapting to change



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