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Why Archetype ?

Why Archetype ?

The word “archetype” comes from Greek and means “the original model”. It encompasses the concepts of authenticity and universality, which are at the core of our vision, mission, and purpose.


Archetype is passionately committed alongside its clients to enhance their human capital in sales & marketing, ensuring that this capital becomes the engine of their success.


We have been assessing, recruiting, and training individuals for 20 years, according to a model of our own, which we firmly believe in and which has consistently proven successful over time.




Our values

With our expertise in human capital, specifically in the fields of management, sales, and marketing, we help both individuals and teams to build their skills in order to achieve their goals with passion and authenticity.

Benevolence is the fairest way to build serene cooperation and involves a willingness to aim for the greater good and the well-being of each individual without prejudice, which then becomes a recipe for success. At all levels, we have the unshakable will to do great work and to demonstrate that benevolence generates confidence and action.

Our multifaceted approach, firmly anchored in practical experience, as well as our in-depth knowledge of sales, marketing, and management, enable us to apprehend the immense diversity of the very unique functions of these fields in an original manner – and thus to think, recruit, and train in an out-of-the-box fashion.

The mission to evolve daily while respecting human values—with an understanding of people as individuals with both strengths and weaknesses—forms a strong part of our DNA, alongside the relationships that we establish with our clients, suppliers, and candidates, based simply on exchange, individual development, and shared experiences

A results-oriented approach, which respects human beings, is not a paradox for us. Our company’s success is directly related to the well-being of our employees, which is thus a key concern for us—a concern that we never hesitate to measure in terms of business results.


Our team

Marc Diamant


Passion has always been a guiding force in my work: Passion for people, as well as Passion for sales and marketing. Our goal, both at the individual and collective levels, is to show that by putting people, authenticity, and benevolence at the center of our focus in a natural and convergent way, we are able to create a rich dynamic that drives success.

Iris Schats


My mission is to contribute to the optimization of the sales and marketing processes at our clients’ companies. As an HR professional, I focus on recruitment, selections, evaluations, and consulting. In order to help GR projects to obtain satisfactory results, my first priority is to clearly understand the business processes of a company. Next, I try to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for the company and the candidate.


Jean-Michel Wenric


Sharing my practical, sales, and team management experience provides my work as a coach with the foundation for its operational model. However, it is listening to and discovering the world and the wishes of my client which enrich the contents and structure of my work. Assisting and motivating sales and management teams brings on challenges which provide structure for my training objectives. Challenging certainties in accordance with the demands of my clients and their constraints provides an adapted model that I would like to share.

Muriel Izbicki


The well-being and respect of each individual in the company are at the forefront of our strategy and symbolize Archetype’s core values. These values are reflected in the warm reception of our candidates and clients and in the discretion of our approach, as well as in the fact that we listen closely to their expectations and in the professionalism of our high-level consultants.

Herman Heymans


Liesbeth van Tilburg


Steve Diamant


Curious and globally minded, I have gained a deeper understanding of the different cultures by living and working in Brussels, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Berlin, and now Barcelona. What fascinates me the most about marketing/communication are the infinite possibilities to deliver messages and create impact.

Joni Vossen


Anaïs Neau


"I aspire to find the balance between content and form, colors and typography in order to best reflect the values of Archetype. Designing fair and harmonious visual identities is as much a mission as a perpetual learning process. What I like in design is that it requires high standards and an ability to cultivate one's curiosity in order to propose solutions that are out of the ordinary. I am committed to approaching each job with an open mind and a vision to 360° to build an enriching exchange for everyone."

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