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The Archetype consulting recruitment agency is a major player in the Belgian employment market. Based in Brussels, the company specialises in selecting the right profiles for companies looking for talent and specific expertise. The main objective of this recruitment agency is to help companies find the ideal candidate, but also to contribute to their individual professional development.

Services offered by Archetype

The recruitment agency offers a number of services for both companies and individuals seeking employment:

  • Archetype provides recruitment advice and placement services. We identify and select the talent that matches our clients’ needs.
  • We also carry out HR recruitment and executive search (headhunting). Our agency identifies the best people to fill key positions.
  • Our firm provides talent management. This involves personalised support to develop employees’ professional skills.
  • Archetype also carries out professional skills assessments. We identify strengths and areas for improvement in order to design an appropriate career plan.
  • We provide training and coaching. We offer tailor-made training to deepen knowledge and accelerate learning for new recruits.

Some of the keys to Archetype’s success

A personalised approach to recruitment

Our team is made up of recruitment experts who use their know-how and experience to analyse the specific needs of each client. This personalised approach provides a better understanding of each company’s requirements, expectations and concerns, leading to more accurate and tailored recruitment.

An extensive network of qualified professionals

Our firm has a vast network of contacts and partnerships with professionals from a wide range of sectors. Thanks to these contacts, Archetype can quickly identify and select the right people for our clients’ requirements.

Innovative selection and assessment methods

Archetype uses rigorous and innovative processes to assess candidates’ knowledge and adaptability. These methods include psycho-technical tests, individual and group interviews, and simulations of professional situations.

A commitment to diversity

As a socially aware player, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within professional teams. Our firm is committed to supporting candidates from disadvantaged or minority groups in their search for employment and their integration into companies.

Main sectors of activity covered by Archetype

Our recruitment consultancy Archetype, with its experience, operates in several business sectors.

  • Information technology (IT) & digital (developers, systems engineers, software architects, IT analysts, project managers)
  • Finance & accounting (auditors, management controllers, financial analysts, finance directors)
  • Health & pharmaceuticals (specialist doctors and nurses, pharmaceutical managers, biological and chemical researchers)
  • Engineering & construction (civil and industrial engineers, site managers, specialist technicians)
  • Marketing & communication (marketing managers, communication officers, community managers, graphic designers)

Recruitment process at Archetype

Analysis of the client’s needs and creation of the profile

At the beginning of the process, our team meets with the client to discuss the specific needs of the position to be filled. This step includes defining the skills required, the responsibilities of the new employee and the working conditions.

Searching for and selecting candidates

Once the profile has been established, Archetype uses its databases and professional network to identify key people. Each application is carefully examined to select the most appropriate people to take part in the assessment process.

Skills assessment

The people selected are then subjected to a series of tests designed to assess their technical and behavioural skills in relation to the job requirements. These tests may include interviews, role-playing exercises or case studies.

Presenting candidates to the client

At the end of the previous stage, the best candidates are presented to the client so that they can make a decision. Our firm assists the client in this decisive phase and remains available to help negotiate the employment contract if required.