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Finding very specific expertise to guarantee their success is becoming more competitive and complex for companies. The solution often lies in using a professional who understands the needs of these companies: a specialist recruitment agency.

Why choose a specialist recruitment agency?

Generalist recruitment agencies can sometimes come up against certain limitations when they have to manage very specific profiles. The technical requirements and skills needed can be so specific that only a specialist recruitment agency will be able to propose candidates with all the qualifications required. Entrusting this task to an expert means that you can :

  • precisely target the skills required
  • access a pool of experts and talent,
  • reduce the costs associated with recruitment errors,
  • and, above all, find the best profile to meet companies’ needs.

Turning to a specialist recruitment agency means you can hire the experts your organisation needs.

What makes Archetype special: a specialist recruitment agency in Belgium

Based in Belgium, Archetype is a key player in the world of specialist recruitment. As a recruitment agency for sales managers, engineering recruitment, international recruitment, etc., we stand out for :

  • our in-depth knowledge of the business sectors we cover,
  • expertise based on the skills and aptitudes required,
  • a vast network of contacts with national and international solutions,
  • and a team of professionals attentive to the specific needs of each partner company.

A personalised approach

One of Archetype’s key strengths is its ability to tailor its services to the specific needs of each company. This translates into an in-depth understanding of a company’s culture, challenges and long-term strategic aspirations. Thanks to a rigorous analysis of our clients’ expectations, our specialist recruitment agency can create a unique and relevant value proposition.

A rigorous and adaptive selection process

At the heart of the success of a specialist recruitment agency like Archetype is a selection process that combines rigour, listening and flexibility. This not only guarantees the quality of the candidates selected, but also enables the strategy to be adapted quickly in response to new requirements. The methodology encompasses :

  • precise identification of the customer’s needs
  • searching for and shortlisting the most suitable candidates
  • an in-depth check of each candidate’s skills, references and experience,
  • and ongoing monitoring until the new employee is integrated.

This process guarantees both the selection of profiles that meet the expected quality criteria and successful integration into the client company.

The business sectors covered by Archetype

As a specialised recruitment agency, Archetype operates mainly in the following areas:

  • Finance & accounting (chartered accountants, financial auditors, management controllers, CFOs, etc.)
  • Engineering & production (technical engineers, production managers, project managers, industrial directors, etc.)
  • Human Resources (talent management, training, HR development, industrial relations, etc.)
  • Sales & marketing (product managers, key account managers, sales directors, marketing managers, etc.)
  • IT & digital (developers, data analysts, IT project managers, network architects, etc.)
  • Supply chain & purchasing (logisticians, supply chain directors, purchasing managers, etc.)

For each of these sectors, Archetype offers highly qualified and experienced profiles capable of meeting the requirements of each company.

The importance of follow-up after taking up the post

To ensure the successful and lasting integration of the new employees selected, we provide follow-up after they have taken up their duties. Archetype’s teams are in regular contact with client companies and candidates to ensure that objectives are met.

Client follow-up

This follow-up enables us to :

  • confirm that the candidate is suitable for the position,
  • detect any difficulties or needs for adjustment at an early stage,
  • assess customer satisfaction over the long term,
  • and identify any additional needs to support the company’s growth.

Follow-up with candidates

As well as monitoring our clients’ progress, Archetype keeps a constant watch on the candidates we select in order to :

  • help them adapt and develop within their new company,
  • receive their opinions and feedback on their integration,
  • and ensure that everyone benefits from the most relevant career opportunities.