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Are you looking for a brilliant employee who can rise to the challenge, captivate audiences and drive your business forward? Get ready to recruit the marketing manager your team needs. Archetype, our recruitment agency in Belgium, has the skills and expertise to find you the rare pearl who will give you satisfaction.

Archetype: guaranteeing excellence in the recruitment of Marketing Managers

Calling on a specialist recruitment agency has many advantages for companies looking to recruit a Marketing Manager or other profiles such as sales engineer, managing director, sales manager, etc. Thanks to our expertise in the sector and our extensive professional network, we can offer our clients the best possible candidates to meet their needs. These include

  • A thorough understanding of the requirements of the Belgian market ;
  • Significant experience in marketing and advertising;
  • Strategic partnerships with local and international institutions;
  • The ability to anticipate trends and adapt to market developments;
  • A tailor-made approach and personalised support throughout the recruitment process.

Thanks to these assets, Archetype is the best firm to assist Belgian companies wishing to recruit Marketing Managers successfully.

The criteria for a good Marketing Manager

To recruit a competent and effective Marketing Manager, we base ourselves on several elements:

  • A university degree or academic training in marketing, communications or a related field is often required to apply for a Marketing Manager position;
  • have significant experience in marketing, advertising or similar roles, which has enabled them to develop relevant expertise and transferable skills;
  • mastery of marketing tools and software, such as CRM, marketing automation platforms and analytical solutions, is essential to ensure the effectiveness of campaigns;
  • have excellent interpersonal skills, be able to work in a team and manage several projects simultaneously. They must also be creative, innovative and results-oriented;
  • take into account the candidate’s fit with your company’s culture and values, to ensure successful integration and optimum performance.

These are the criteria we use at Archetype to select the most promising profiles and offer our clients candidates who perfectly match their expectations.

The key role of the Marketing Manager in a company

As a marketing professional, the Marketing Manager is responsible for coordinating and supervising various activities aimed at promoting and selling products or services. Their main tasks are :
– Participating in the development of marketing strategy and ensuring its implementation;
– Analysing the market, identifying opportunities and threats;
– Developing and implementing advertising and promotional campaigns;
– Create and maintain partnerships with other organisations to support marketing initiatives;
– Manage budgets allocated to marketing activities;
– Monitoring and analysing the performance of marketing activities, and adapting the strategy accordingly.

Skills required to succeed as a Marketing Manager

In addition to the theoretical knowledge and professional experience mentioned above, a Marketing Manager needs to have a wide range of specific skills to carry out his or her duties successfully. Here are a few examples:
– The ability to develop innovative and effective marketing strategies;

  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team;
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail to measure and optimise campaign performance;
  • Creativity and intellectual curiosity to identify new ideas and approaches;
  • Organisational skills and a high degree of autonomy;
  • Good command of English and other foreign languages relevant to the local or international market.

At Archetype, we take care to select candidates with these essential skills to ensure the success of their assignments and bring added value to the companies that recruit them.

Confirm your search for Marketing Manager at Archetype

Given the important responsibilities assumed by Marketing Managers within companies, you need to invest sufficient time and resources in their recruitment. At Archetype, we offer our expertise and support to help you find the ideal profile for your organisation.