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With the skills required to respond effectively to a company’s needs, our executive search firm Archetype has a wealth of knowledge to help employers in the search and selection of applicants. In Belgium, our executive search firm Archetype is recognised for its know-how and its new methods for assessing and recruiting executives.

What is an executive search firm?

An executive search firm is a company that specialises in assisting companies with the recruitment process, particularly for executive or management positions. The firm’s experts are skilled in evaluating, training and selecting applicants. They are able to identify profiles that perfectly match the employer’s expectations.

Services offered by Archetype

Our executive search firm, Archetype, specialises in recruiting sales managers, sales directors, marketing managers, and so on. We also offer training and assessments for sales, marketing and management positions. We offer several services in the field of human resources in Belgium. These include

  • Identification and direct approach of potential candidates.
  • Evaluation and selection of candidates’ professional and interpersonal skills
  • Drafting and distributing job offers via various channels (job sites, social networks, etc.)
  • Helping to negotiate and conclude employment contracts
  • Post-recruitment assistance to help new employees integrate into the company
  • Training

Our personalised support services are precisely tailored to the challenges and expectations of each client company.

The expertise of our consultants

The expert members of the Archetype executive recruitment consultancy have dual skills. They combine recruitment know-how with HR expertise. This combination enables them to understand and analyse the real needs of companies in terms of the executive profiles they are looking for. As a result, they can precisely define selection criteria and offer a tailor-made service that covers every aspect of the recruitment process.

Rigorous assessment of candidates

To ensure that Archetype’s executive recruitment agency selects candidates of the highest quality, our executive recruitment experts carry out :

  • analysing CVs and professional achievements
  • Preparing assessment interviews, combining technical and behavioural questions
  • If necessary, use psychometric assessment tools or simulations to measure certain skills, for example
  • Verification of the professional references provided by the candidate

At Archetype, thanks to our rigour and in-depth knowledge of the business sectors represented in Belgium, our consultants are able to present client companies with profiles that perfectly meet their expectations.

Conclusive results for employers and candidates

By working with an executive search firm such as Archetype, Belgian companies have every chance of quickly finding the ideal profile for the position to be filled. You can also concentrate on your core business, without having to manage the entire recruitment process. Which inevitably saves you time and energy. You have access to a pool of qualified talent through our professional network. This means you can reach a wide range of skilled profiles, including those who are not actively looking for a job. With tests and interviews conducted by our consultants, we guarantee that each profile matches the needs of the position and the company.
However, candidates also benefit from personalised support in their job search, including advice on writing their CV, presenting their career path and preparing for job interviews. All with a clear objective: to land a job that matches their ambitions and qualifications.