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More than recruitment.

Over the past 30 years, we have successfully onboarded over 2900 candidates using our carefully designed model. We firmly believe that our approach is the ideal way to ensure that candidates possess the necessary skillset and align perfectly with our clients' company culture and the strategy of their direct managers.

Our recruitment process in 4 steps

1️⃣ We meet

To find the right candidate, we need to know you. To be your ambassadors, we need to understand you thoroughly.

That step is too often neglected.

That step is too often neglected.

Your culture, vision, and values

Your positioning

Your method and strategy

The profile of the direct manager

Bespoken network of candidates!

Resourceful Headhunting

Creative social media campaigns

Presence on relevant jobs site

2️⃣ We source

The search for your ideal candidate is a critical phase. We roll up our sleeves and use all necessary resources to find the perfect match.

3️⃣ We select

We are dedicated to ensuring a rigorous selection process that upholds high standards. This process enables us to present you with candidates who have been thoroughly evaluated and approved by our expert teams.


Deep understanding of the candidate's motivation, ambition, personality and professional skills.


Using typical cases to identify tactical motives in given situations


The candidate is asked to fill a personality test prior to the interview. The test measures personality based skills as well as sales, management approach.


Depending on the function, the candidate is taking either our Sales or Management test developed internally.


Specific role plays are conducted with the candidates


Background check done with previous employers

4️⃣ We onboard and guarantee

Our guarantee is unlike traditional recruitment agencies. The integration of candidates extends beyond the hiring stage. We consider onboarding to be equally crucial, which is why we diligently support both the candidate and the direct manager during the initial 6 months.

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