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The account manager is not just a salesperson, but a strategist who must understand your customers’ needs. You should not trivialise the recruitment of your account manager. He or she maintains good relations with customers, anticipates requests, solves problems and stimulates sales opportunities. In Belgium, Archetype stands out as the reference firm for helping companies find the ideal profiles for this position by following their call for applications procedure.

What is Account Manager recruitment?

The Account Manager’s main role is to develop and maintain the relationship between the company and its customers. They are responsible for managing a portfolio of customer accounts, often in service or technology-intensive companies.
To excel in their job, Account Managers need to possess a number of skills and qualities, such as :

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  • A high level of responsiveness and adaptability
  • A solid general knowledge of the products or services offered by their company
  • Fluency in English and/or other languages

Recruiting an Account Manager for a fixed-term or permanent contract after a call for applications is a real challenge for companies. Especially those that need to surround themselves with the best talent to develop their business and strengthen their position in the market.

Archetype: expert in Account Manager recruitment in Belgium

Founded several years ago by professionals who themselves have solid experience as Account Managers, Archetype has become the benchmark firm in Belgium for finding the ideal profiles to meet the needs of local companies.

A rigorous methodology to guarantee profile quality

In order to offer our clients the most relevant candidates and to support them in their selection process, at Archetype we use a rigorous methodology based on :

  • Analysis of requirements and definition of the position in close collaboration with our client
  • Exploration and selection of candidates based on pre-established criteria such as skills, experience and personality traits
  • In-depth interviews to assess applicants’ motivation, ambition, personality and skills
  • Integration of practical case studies to gain a better understanding of candidates’ motivations
  • Use of a personality test to assess personality, sales and management skills
  • Administration of specific sales or management tests depending on the job requirements
  • Use of role-playing scenarios to assess candidates’ skills
  • Post-hire follow-up to help new employees integrate into their new company over a 6-month period. This service ensures mutual satisfaction between employer and new employee.

The aim is clear: to help companies save time and increase their chances of success by quickly finding competent and operational Account Managers during the application process.

Real expertise in supporting candidates

But Archetype is not just a recruitment agency specialising in Account Managers. It also handles the recruitment of other profiles, such as managing directors, sales directors, marketing managers, etc. It also acts as a coach for candidates, helping them to progress and maximise their chances on the job market. To do this, it offers :

  • Individual interviews to identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their level of motivation
  • Work on CV presentation, to make it more attractive to potential employers
  • Individualised support throughout the selection process (interview preparation, advice on salary negotiations, etc.)
  • Regular meetings after the start of a new position, to ensure that both parties are satisfied and to resolve any issues that may arise

Archetype guarantees a satisfactory experience for both companies and Account Managers, with profiles that are rigorously assessed and prepared in advance to match the expectations of the position to be filled as closely as possible.

Testimonials: those who have placed their trust in Archetype

Since our creation, we have won over many clients, ranging from local start-ups to major international companies based in Belgium. Here are a few of the testimonials that give a clearer idea of the firm’s added value:

“We called on Archetype to recruit an Account Manager specialising in IT solutions. Their in-depth knowledge of the sector and their personalised approach enabled us to quickly find a profile that fully met our expectations.” – Sandrine, Human Resources Director

“To strengthen our sales team, we were looking for two Account Managers with a perfect command of English and significant experience in selling technology services. Thanks to Archetype, we were able to recruit them in less than a month! – Thomas, Director of a company offering agency software

“The service offered by Archetype is truly incomparable to anything I’ve seen elsewhere: they took the time to understand my specific needs, my work process and my professional expectations. I’ve now been an Account Manager for a year and I feel totally fulfilled in my position.” – Pierre, Account Manager at a software publisher.