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Did you know that your success depends on the performance of your sales team? The stakes involved in finding sales talent cannot be underestimated. That’s why using a commercial recruitment agency can be a winning strategy for better management of your sales force. In Belgium, Archetype is a key player in commercial recruitment. What are the advantages of such a partnership and what is the rigorous recruitment process applied by our firm?

Why choose a specialist sales recruitment agency?

Choosing a firm specialising in commercial recruitment, such as Archetype, has several advantages for your company:

Business expertise

Archetype has in-depth knowledge of the market, the skills required and the typical profiles sought for sales positions. Our know-how enables us to quickly and accurately identify the right candidates for your specific needs.

Save time

Using a recruitment agency allows you to delegate this time-consuming and complex task to experts. As a result, you can devote more time to your core business while benefiting from a professional and efficient service.

Speed and flexibility

The working methods and networks developed by our specialist firm enable us to respond quickly to your requests, even for urgent requirements. We adapt to changes in the market and to the specific needs of each company.

Increasing your chances of success

By using a commercial recruitment agency, engineering recruitment agency or HR consultancy such as Archetype, you benefit from a tried and tested procedure that maximises your chances of finding the right candidate(s).

The recruitment process at Archetype

We have developed a rigorous recruitment method to guarantee that you achieve your results. This method breaks down into several stages:

In-depth analysis of your needs

During this first stage, our agency takes the time to carefully study your sector of activity, your business strategy, your corporate culture and the skills required for the positions to be filled. This analysis enables us to identify the ideal profile for each position and target the search effectively.

Identifying and shortlisting candidates

We have a large and regularly updated database. This enables us to quickly select candidates who match your criteria. At the same time, we draw on our professional networks and use innovative tools to complete and refine this pre-selection.

Assessment of skills and personality

Shortlisted candidates undergo a rigorous assessment, using specific tests to evaluate their technical and commercial skills. We attach great importance to the interpersonal and human dimension, which is essential in sales jobs.

In-depth interviews with the best profiles

We organise individual interviews with candidates who have passed the previous stages, to get a better idea of their personality, their motivations and their suitability for your company. We propose a shortlist of candidates likely to meet your expectations.

Recruitment follow-up and integration of the new employee

Our services don’t end with the presentation of candidates. We support you throughout the final recruitment phase, offering assistance in negotiating contractual terms and conditions and ensuring that the new employee is successfully integrated into your organisation.

Recognised expertise in a wide range of commercial professions

Archetype is involved in a number of commercial positions in a variety of sectors. Among the jobs for which our firm is particularly solicited:

Sales manager

Responsible for steering the sales activity of a geographical sector or a product/service line, this professional must have excellent managerial and strategic skills.

Sales engineer

Specialising in the sale of complex technical solutions, they must combine technical expertise with proven sales skills.

Field sales

A true ambassador for your company, this professional is in direct contact with customers and prospecting for new markets. Persuasiveness, adaptability and mobility are their main assets.

Account manager

Oriented towards negotiation and closing, this professional is responsible for concluding contracts and following them up with customers.

In each of these areas, Archetype puts all its experience and know-how to work for your commercial success. Our approach is based on extensive market knowledge and a genuine understanding of your needs and ambitions. Archetype is your preferred partner for all your commercial recruitment projects in Belgium.