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You are looking for a competent and versatile engineer who will be able to adapt quickly. Archetype, a recruitment agency specialising in the search and selection of engineers in Belgium, can help you. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the sector, we can help you identify the best talent to lead your company to success.

A team of experts to meet your needs

Recruiting a high-performance engineer isn’t a matter of chance. They must have the technical skills and specific knowledge to meet the challenges your business will face. That’s why at Archetype we do everything we can to select the best profiles to meet your expectations.
We use a personalised approach tailored to each company. We know that companies are different and that their human resources needs vary according to their objectives and internal culture. In order to provide you with the best candidates, we carry out a meticulous analysis of your requirements and your professional environment. In this way, we can guarantee you a recruitment process that is tailored to your needs and that will enhance the effectiveness of your team over the long term.

Several positions and sectors covered

One of Archetype’s main assets is the diversity of the profiles we are able to present to you. Whether you’re looking for a generalist, a specialist or a highly competent engineer, our firm is here to help you find the rare pearl.

Versatile engineers for all sectors

Our consultants are committed to carefully selecting engineers who are capable of evolving and learning quickly, so that they can integrate seamlessly into your company. This includes in particular

  • Mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • IT engineers
  • Industrial engineers

Operational managers and directors

As well as being able to offer you a pool of qualified professionals, Archetype can also help your company recruit managers and directors capable of effectively leading your projects and teams. With our engineering expertise and business acumen, we can meet all your management and supervisory needs.

A rigorous recruitment process for successful integration

In order to guarantee the quality of the candidates we present to you, Archetype uses a rigorous recruitment methodology that ensures the consistency and completeness of the profiles proposed.

Assessment of technical skills and discussion with candidates

Our selection process includes

  • In-depth study of academic and professional backgrounds
  • Verification of technical skills through appropriate tests
  • Individual interviews to assess the candidate’s motivation, interpersonal skills and adaptability
  • Where necessary, references are taken from former employer

Monitoring the candidate’s success after integration

We don’t just provide you with a candidate who meets your expectations. At Archetype, we are committed to monitoring the new engineer’s progress within your organisation to ensure that he or she integrates under the best possible conditions. This approach is in line with our desire to establish a lasting relationship of trust with our customers.

Archetype: your best partner for engineering recruitment

Our firm does everything it can to respond effectively to your specific needs in terms of executive or director recruitment. We are also a specialist recruitment agency, specialising in international recruitment, recruitment consulting and more. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in this field. This enables us to select the right profiles to strengthen and energise your company.