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When it comes to recruitment and talent management, companies wishing to attract the best profiles need to call on the services of a recruitment consultancy. Belgium-based Archetype is a key player in this field.

The importance of the right recruitment strategy

Today’s companies understand that their success depends largely on the performance of their employees. They therefore need to adopt an effective recruitment strategy that is tailored to their needs and the specific features of their business.
That’s where a recruitment consultancy comes in. These experts put all their skills and know-how at the service of companies to find the right talent and ensure their growth.

Archetype: a specialist in recruitment consultancy in Belgium

Archetype is a recruitment consultancy, HR consultancy, consulting and communications recruitment firm based in Belgium. We draw our strength from our personalised approach and our expertise in different business sectors. Our specialist consultants support companies in their recruitment strategies to maximise their chances of finding the ideal candidates.

A tailor-made approach

To be effective, the recruitment method must be tailored to each company and its specific characteristics. At Archetype, we make a point of identifying our clients’ needs, understanding their sector of activity and taking into account the constraints they face.
As a result, our firm implements a personalised recruitment process, based on a rigorous selection of candidates, in-depth interviews and a thorough analysis of each candidate’s knowledge and motivations.

An extensive talent network

Archetype has a large database of qualified profiles from a wide range of professions and areas of expertise. As a result, we are able to quickly offer companies a pool of candidates that precisely match their requirements.
The breadth of this network also enables us to adapt to the needs of the market and keep pace with changes in the professions in a constantly changing economic environment.

Diversified services to cover all recruitment needs

Direct recruitment

Archetype takes charge of finding and selecting candidates for permanent and fixed-term positions in all sectors of activity. Our experts identify the aptitudes and human qualities required to manage the recruitment process effectively and guarantee the satisfaction of our client companies.


Our firm also offers a headhunting service for companies looking for highly specialised profiles that are difficult to find in calls for applications. At Archetype, we deploy all our know-how and resources to identify hidden talent that matches our clients’ exact criteria.

Candidate support: another challenge for Archetype

At Archetype, we take care to meet the requirements of our corporate clients, but we don’t forget the candidates who come to us. In fact, the support we provide to people looking for a job must enable us to establish a relationship of trust and ensure the success of our recruitment assignments.

Personalised follow-up

Our experts establish close contact with applicants in order to understand their background, skills and career ambitions, so as to help them maximise their chances during the recruitment process.
Our experts also provide advice on how to present themselves to potential employers, and on how to present and promote their strengths during interviews.

Opportunities tailored to each profile

By taking account of the company’s requirements and the candidate’s expectations, we offer positions that are suited to their aptitudes and career aspirations. This match is a guarantee of success for both parties and encourages rapid and lasting integration into the host organisation.

Quality of service: an absolute priority for Archetype recruitment agency

In order to meet our customers’ needs and guarantee their satisfaction, Archetype focuses on quality of service and transparency in its recruitment processes. This approach is reflected in

  • Experienced consultants specialising in different professions and business sectors,
  • Active search for the most suitable profiles on the market,
  • Ongoing communication with clients on the progress of recruitment and regular exchanges to refine criteria and adjust methods according to the results obtained,
  • A long-term commitment with companies, which doesn’t end with the signing of the employment contract but continues well beyond, to ensure that new recruits are properly integrated and to identify possible or necessary areas for improvement.