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A company’s image, influence and competitiveness are all linked to the quality of its communication. The communication training offered by Archetype, a recruitment, assessment and training consultancy in Belgium, enables organisations to equip themselves with effective means of improving their internal and external interactions.

Archetype: the expert in communication training

Specialising in communication training, sales training and management training for companies, our Belgian firm Archetype offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Drawing on our recognised expertise and innovative teaching approach, our firm helps companies to develop their global communication strategy and boost the skills of their employees.

A proven methodology

Our training courses are based on modern, effective teaching methods. This encourages learning and the progressive acquisition of skills. The trainers, experts in their field, combine theory and practice to ensure a better understanding of the concepts and their practical application in a professional context.

A broad scope for communication training

There are many aspects to communication within a company. That’s why our training courses cover a wide range of topics, from internal and external communications to communications strategy and marketing.

Internal and external communication

Good internal communication enables you to ensure team cohesion and encourage employee commitment. This course will help you to understand the mechanisms of interpersonal communication, from non-verbal language to the different channels through which information is disseminated.
External communication, meanwhile, involves all audiences outside the organisation: customers, partners, suppliers, the media, etc. Our instructions aim to develop an appropriate and effective strategy for conveying a positive image and raising the profile of the organisation.

Communication strategy

Defining and implementing a coherent communications strategy will help you achieve your objectives and maintain your competitiveness over the long term. Our training courses enable companies to build a solid action plan in line with their environment and resources.

Marketing and communication

Combining marketing and communication can increase the impact of your actions and win the support of your target audiences. Our training courses cover best practice in this field, including the development of promotional campaigns and the design of appropriate communication tools.

Digital communication

At the heart of the digital revolution, digital communication is an essential tool for disseminating and promoting your company’s messages. The training courses offered by our recruitment and training agency Archetype help you decipher the codes of online communication and make effective use of digital media such as websites, e-mails and mobile applications.

Social networks and communication

Social networks have become a central tool in any communication strategy. Our courses cover a range of different aspects, including techniques for building a solid presence on these platforms, community management and integrating these media into a company’s overall strategy.

Visual communication

A picture is worth a thousand words: visual communication plays a key role in a company’s perception and appeal. The courses we offer teach the fundamental principles of graphic design, as well as current trends and best layout practices, to create captivating visual media.

Event communication

Organising events is a great way to raise your company’s profile and unite your staff. Our training courses cover the organisation process, from conception to completion, including choosing service providers and monitoring the budget.

Communication management

To be competitive, a company needs to anticipate the risks associated with its communication and know how to manage delicate situations. Our instructions cover the tools for steering, measuring and evaluating communication actions, and the procedures to be put in place for effective crisis management.

Training tailored to your needs

As every company is unique, at Archetype we offer tailor-made training courses that take into account the specific features of our clients’ organisations and operational objectives. The courses are tailored to different levels of expertise. This enables both novices and seasoned professionals to enhance their skills and increase their scope for action in the field of communication.