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The relevance of recruiting a technical sales representative on a fixed-term or permanent contract lies in understanding customer needs and proposing appropriate solutions. Their dual technical and commercial skills mean that they can also handle the technical characteristics of products, which is an advantage when it comes to helping customers make purchasing decisions. Archetype, a recruitment agency based in Belgium, specialises in the recruitment of these professionals and supports companies in this process.

Why is it necessary to recruit technical sales profiles?

Technical sales representatives are experts with both technical and commercial skills. Their dual role enables them to be versatile and adapt easily to companies’ needs. They play a key role in promoting and selling the products or services offered by the company, as well as acquiring new customers. They are also responsible for advising and assisting customers with their choices, in order to improve customer satisfaction.
Recruiting qualified technical sales staff enables companies to:

  • Increase sales through a better understanding of customer needs and an effective sales approach
  • Develop their customer portfolio through prospecting and networking
  • Improve their brand image through a targeted product offering and appropriate communications
  • Improve their customer relations by building loyalty and providing personalised follow-up to requests.
  • It is therefore clear that the recruitment of technical sales representatives, just like that of a sales engineer, sales manager, general manager or any other profile, remains a challenge for companies wishing to develop and ensure their growth.

How does Archetype support companies in their recruitment efforts?

Archetype, a recruitment agency specialising in technical and commercial profiles, offers companies its expertise and network in order to find the best candidates for each position. This collaboration ensures an efficient recruitment process and avoids any errors in candidate selection.

  • Identification of requirements and definition of the position and the profile sought, in collaboration with the client company
  • Searching for and selecting candidates based on predefined criteria such as skills, experience and personality
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to assess the candidate’s motivation, ambition, personality and skills
  • Use of case studies to understand motivations
  • Introduction of a personality test to measure personality, sales and management skills
  • Administration of specific sales or management tests depending on the job requirements
  • Use of role-playing to assess the candidate’s skills
  • Post-hire follow-up to help candidates integrate into their new company over a 6-month period. This service guarantees mutual satisfaction between employer and employee.

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