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By recruiting a competent customer success manager on a permanent, fixed-term, temporary or even freelance basis, you can provide ongoing assistance to your customers. This involves advice and training. The aim of this role is to improve customer loyalty. At Archetype, a recruitment agency based in Belgium, we specialise in finding and selecting the best profiles for this job. Find out everything you need to know about hiring a customer success manager for your company.

What is a customer success manager?

The customer success manager must ensure that customers have a satisfactory and successful experience throughout their relationship with the company. They act as a link between the various teams (sales, marketing, technical support) to ensure that the product or service meets customers’ expectations.

The main tasks of a customer success manager

  • Supporting customers and helping them to get the most out of the product or service on offer,
  • Identify and respond quickly to problems encountered by customers,
  • Develop and implement action plans to increase customer satisfaction and retention,
  • Promote communication between internal teams to ensure a common understanding of customer needs,
  • Monitor and analyse performance indicators linked to customer satisfaction.

What skills should you look for in a CSM?

During the recruitment process for permanent, fixed-term, temporary or even freelance contracts, Archetype endeavours to identify the key skills required of a customer success manager. Here are some of these skills:

Empathy and active listening

A good customer success manager needs to understand customers’ needs and expectations in order to provide them with an appropriate solution.

Communication and collaboration

To facilitate dialogue between internal teams, the CSM must be an excellent communicator and know how to work in collaboration with different contacts.

Problem analysis and resolution

The CSM must be able to identify difficulties encountered by customers and implement corrective action quickly.

Initiative and autonomy
When faced with special cases or new situations, the customer success manager must be able to take decisions quickly and manage his or her time independently.

Stages in the customer success manager recruitment process

Based on our experience in finding suitable profiles, Archetype has defined a multi-stage methodology for the CSM application process:

  • In order to find the ideal candidate, we seek to clearly identify your needs. As ambassadors, our in-depth understanding of your culture, vision, values, positioning, methods, strategy and the profile of the direct manager is essential. We cultivate a network of exceptional candidates from ingenious headhunts. We deploy creative social media campaigns, as well as a relevant presence on job boards.
  • The search for the ideal candidate requires a meticulous approach. We mobilise all the resources needed to find the ideal candidate.
  • We are committed to maintaining a rigorous selection process that complies with standards. This process guarantees the presentation of candidates who have been assessed and approved by our experts. In-depth interviews, case studies, personality, sales and management tests, role plays and reference checks are all part of this phase.
  • We consider onboarding to be compulsory. We actively support the candidate and their direct manager during the first 6 months to ensure a smooth transition.

Job offers for customer success managers in Belgium

The Belgian job market regularly offers opportunities for people looking for positions as customer success managers, account managers, marketing managers, country managers and so on. On our website, we post a variety of vacancies for companies in different sectors, ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals.

Jobs to suit all levels of experience

Whether you’re new to the field or already have solid experience as a customer success manager, Archetype offers jobs that match your expectations and professional profile.

A wide range of contracts on offer

Depending on the company’s needs, several types of contract can be offered at the time of recruitment. It is therefore possible to find a permanent, fixed-term, temporary or even freelance position.

The advantages of working with a specialist agency

Calling on a firm like Archetype offers several major advantages in the process of selecting the ideal customer success manager:

  • Expertise in the job of customer success manager and knowledge of the skills required for the position
  • Saving time for the company by outsourcing the recruitment process
  • Control over candidate search channels and a large database of available profiles
  • Assessment tools tailored to the specifics of the job
  • Guaranteed satisfaction thanks to post-recruitment follow-up.