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In Belgium, many organisations are looking to hire talent to ensure their development and success. However, identifying these key people can be complex and time-consuming. Archetype, a headhunting recruitment agency in Belgium specialising in finding and selecting the right profiles for companies, can help you in your search.

What is a headhunting recruitment agency?

A headhunting recruitment agency is an agency that specialises in sourcing and selecting people for positions of responsibility and management in various organisations. Instead of advertising vacancies and sorting through applications, a headhunter uses various proactive methods to identify and approach qualified professionals or managers, even if they are not actively looking for a new job.

The main differences between a traditional recruitment agency and a headhunter

While traditional recruitment agencies such as sales management recruitment agencies, HR recruitment agencies or engineering recruitment agencies respond to companies’ requests based on the CVs they receive, headhunters take a more proactive approach. The mission of a headhunter is to uncover hidden talent and support organisations in their growth by proposing candidates who are difficult to find through calls for applications. Different approaches are used.

Direct search

These recruitment agencies identify and approach people who are already working and whose experience and skills match their clients’ needs. In this way, they can broaden the pool of potential profiles by identifying talented professionals who do not appear on employment platforms or professional social networks.

Skills assessment

The work of headhunting agencies goes beyond simply reading CVs. They analyse people’s skills, experience, motivations and aspirations in depth to determine whether they will be an asset to a company.

Discreet approach

Confidentiality is a must for recruitment agencies. They guarantee to protect the confidential information of individuals and organisations during the recruitment process.

Why call on Archetype, the headhunting recruitment agency in Belgium?

The services of a headhunting recruitment agency such as Archetype offer several advantages for companies:
Save time and effort for companies
Successfully identifying and attracting rare pearls involves a considerable investment of time and resources for companies. By working with a headhunter like Archetype, you can focus on your core business and be confident that the recruitment process is in safe hands.

Targeted and accurate recruitment

As headhunters, Archetype specialises in different types of position. This gives us in-depth knowledge of the skills and qualities required by each professional profile we seek. As a result, we understand the challenges of the job and are able to assess people according to these criteria.

Guarantee of quality and success rate

As a renowned and experienced headhunting recruitment agency, Archetype meets companies’ expectations. The professionals we seek and present correspond precisely to the company’s needs and values. This maximises the success rate of placements.

How does the headhunter recruitment process work?

Recruitment takes place in several phases.

Understanding needs

As a headhunter, Archetype begins by fully understanding the expectations and requirements of the client company in terms of the position, skills and qualities sought.

Searching for and identifying candidates

We then use our network, our knowledge of the field and various sourcing techniques to identify and approach professionals who meet the criteria.

Evaluation and selection of profiles

After drawing up a shortlist of potential candidates, Archetype conducts interviews and assessments to determine their suitability for the position and the company. It is at this stage that we highlight our ability to perceive the “best fit” between our candidates and our client companies.