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The globalisation of the employment market has made international recruitment easier and more accessible for companies. In Belgium, this is reflected in a growing number of job offers with an international scope. The Archetype recruitment agency has been set up to promote the skills of foreign workers.

Why opt for international recruitment?

Organisations are increasingly calling on applicants from other regions to fill certain positions where there is a shortage of manpower or to acquire specific skills. There are many reasons for this:

  • To make up for the lack of motivated and qualified local workers,
  • To bring in experts in specialised fields where skills are in short supply,
  • Diversify the profiles within the organisation and encourage cultural exchange and creativity,
  • Open up the company internationally and develop its business.

Archetype: a recruitment agency specialising in international recruitment

Based in Belgium, Archetype stands out by offering specialised recruitment services outside Belgium. Our recruitment services include engineer recruitment and sales manager recruitment. Using our expertise, our professionals seek to put Belgian companies in touch with skilled and experienced workers from all over the world. This approach aims to identify the people with the best skills to meet the needs of each organisation and to provide them with a tailor-made service.

A rigorous process to find the rare pearl

At Archetype, we stand out for our process of identifying the right profiles, based on an analysis of applicants’ skills, motivation and professional experience. Using this method, we are able to present organisations with skilled workers who are able to adapt quickly to challenges and bring real added value. Archetype’s experts then follow the selected candidates throughout their career, to ensure that they flourish and succeed within the company.

Sectors concerned by international recruitment: varied opportunities

As Belgium is a country open to the world, there are many opportunities for international recruitment in different sectors of activity:

  • Information technology (IT) and digital,
  • Engineering (mechanical, electronic, industrial),
  • Health and paramedical professions (nurses, physiotherapists, medical specialists),
  • Teaching (teachers and trainers),
  • Research and development,
  • Commerce and distribution.

Tools to facilitate international recruitment

A number of tools are available to help Belgian organisations identify and recruit the best candidates from outside Belgium:

Sites specialising in international recruitment

Employers can consult websites specially designed for the search for profiles from outside Belgium. These platforms highlight the professional experience, skills and motivation of foreign workers seeking work in Belgium. They also make it possible to post calls for applications, which are visible to a wide audience of motivated and qualified candidates worldwide.

Trade fairs and events dedicated to international jobs

Taking part in recruitment fairs and events outside Belgium enables organisations to meet candidates directly, to better understand their expectations and to present their calls for applications. A face-to-face meeting is recommended to quickly assess whether the candidate matches the organisation’s needs and culture.

Services offered by employment agencies and recruitment firms

Companies can enlist the help of recruitment firms such as Archetype and agencies to access databases containing a wide range of international profiles. We are also an HR consultancy. These organisations also offer support services, whether for the selection of candidates or their professional and social integration.

Partnerships with foreign educational institutions

Some organisations choose to forge links with universities and specialised schools in other countries in order to identify the talent likely to boost their activities. In particular, junior profiles can bring new skills and a fresh perspective to Belgian organisations looking to innovate and expand on the international market.