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Assertiveness training for executives and managers

Formation Assertivité et affirmation de soi pour cadre et manager
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Archetype, a recruitment, training and assessment agency based in Brussels, Belgium, offers its Assertiveness and assertiveness training for executives and managers. This cutting-edge training course is designed to help executives and managers develop their assertiveness in order to better manage their teams and create a positive working environment.

What is assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself clearly and assertively, while respecting the rights and feelings of others. It allows you to say no when you need to, to ask for what you need and to express your opinions constructively.

Assertiveness in the workplace is a very special asset. It manifests itself in frank and respectful communication. It allows you to express your ideas clearly. Without aggression or passivity. It fosters a healthy working environment. Assertive managers inspire trust and respect. They know how to set fair limits. This helps prevent conflict. They also encourage people to speak up. In this way, every member of the team feels valued.

In management, assertiveness improves decision-making. Open and honest discussions are encouraged. This leads to well thought-out solutions. Teams become more cohesive. Collaboration is strengthened. Assertiveness requires practice and self-reflection. Managers can train to develop this skill. Workshops and coaching are available. They can help you learn to communicate with confidence. It is not an innate quality. But anyone can take assertiveness training. It starts with understanding your own needs. And how to express them without infringing on those of others.

In the end, assertiveness benefits everyone in the company. It contributes to a more balanced and productive work environment. It helps individuals to respect each other. In this way, everyone can contribute to the company’s success.

Why is assertiveness training essential for executives and managers?

In the corporate environment, assertiveness training

  • Improves internal communication: the training develops the skills to express one’s thoughts clearly. This reduces misunderstandings and improves efficiency.
  • Boosts self-confidence: participants learn to value their opinions. This increases their confidence, which is essential when facing challenges.
  • Facilitates conflict management: assertiveness helps to deal with disagreements constructively. Resolutions become simpler and less stressful.
  • Improves decision-making: assertive communication enables the pros and cons to be weighed up more effectively. Decisions are more informed.
  • Fosters a positive working environment: relations between colleagues improve. The working atmosphere becomes more pleasant and motivating.
  • Increases productivity: effective communication leads to better collaboration. Projects progress more quickly and with better results.
  • Reduces stress: knowing how to express your needs reduces tension at work. Employees feel more relaxed and less overloaded.
  • Develops leadership: assertive managers are better at inspiring and guiding their teams. They encourage their staff to develop professionally.
  • Encouraging assertiveness training is an investment for the company. The benefits are reflected in the working atmosphere, productivity and general satisfaction.

Assertiveness training: for whom?

This training course is aimed primarily at executives and managers who are looking to improve their communication and leadership skills, but also at people who want to increase their self-confidence and their ability to assert themselves in their day-to-day work.

Our method

With over 30 years’ experience in training thousands of professionals, Archetype offers a personalised and effective approach:

  • Define objectives – Start by setting clear, realistic goals to better understand what you want to achieve.
  • Preliminary meeting – A discussion with the team will help to identify their specific needs and expectations, thereby fostering commitment on everyone’s part.
  • Adapting the programme – Adapting the content and teaching methods to the specific characteristics of the group and the company.
  • Post-training follow-up – Post-training support to ensure that the skills acquired are applied in practice and have a lasting impact on the team’s performance.

Topics covered during the course

Awareness of your communication style

Identify your own communication style and become aware of your strengths and limitations. This first stage will enable you to establish a personal diagnosis and guide future learning.

Learning to be assertive

Develop the techniques and strategies needed to adopt assertive behaviour, avoiding aggression or passivity. Participants will learn to assert themselves firmly while respecting the other person.

Managing conflict constructively

Understanding conflict situations as an opportunity for exchange and problem-solving. Participants will be encouraged to analyse contexts, defuse tensions and propose solutions that take into account the needs of the parties concerned.

Encouraging autonomy and taking the initiative

Encouraging employees to take responsibility and develop their creativity. The assertive manager knows how to motivate his team, delegate effectively and value individual ideas and contributions.

Expected results

Thanks to this training, executives and managers will develop :

  • Feel more at ease in their professional interactions.
  • The ability to motivate and energise their team.
  • The confidence to take difficult decisions and manage conflict.
  • Essential communication, management and negotiation skills.

Assertiveness and assertiveness training for executives and managers is an investment that will benefit both the participants and their company. Don’t delay and find out how the Archetype team can help you develop your skills and those of your team.