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How does your team perform?

Analyse your team performance or assess one of your candidate or employee

We are dedicated to ensuring a rigorous selection process that upholds high standards.


Deep understanding of the candidate's motivation, ambition, personality and professional skills.


Using typical cases to identify tactical motives in given situations


The candidate is asked to fill a personality test prior to the interview. The test measures personality based skills as well as sales, management approach.


Depending on the function, the candidate is taking either our Sales or Management test developed internally.


Specific role plays are conducted with the candidates


Background check done with previous employers

Scan your sales team with Sale Scan ©

Thanks to close contact with our clients and, of course, their sales teams, we have noticed we have developed a tool, the Sales Scan©, which allows you to assess your teams in order to optimize their skills in light of the current market changes or to assess the possibilities for internal promotion or restructuration.

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What Our Clients Say

« Passion, expertise and honest communication are the core values of AC we could experience in our recruitement partnership. Continue as such! 👏 »

Nicolas Leroy General Manager LPG Benelux

" I still have very good and vivid memories of "my time" at AC! How young we were back then! Marc with the heart in the right place and a vessel full of enthusiasm.👏 "

Liske Wambacq Founding partner at Nuwhï

« I had the honour of partnering with Marc Diamant in leading Archetype during a few years. Marc is a perfectionist, who excels in the art of exploring, developing and matching sales and marketing talent to the needs of the customer. He is one of the kindest and most honest people that I have come across. A source of inspiration. And Archetype reflects his persona. In my view, it’s fantastic that both his sons Steve and Davy joined the team. They have developed expertise in the most up to date online methodologies. Their onboarding will boost Archetype for the future, I am sure. I can only recommend Archetype to customers, candidates and potential partners and employees. If Archetype can’t do the job, I am not sure someone else can. So you’re safe with them. Don’t argue on the price. If you want quality and tranquility, rest assured that you will get the best value for your money. »

Raphael Glassberg Leadership Consultant at Capeus

« Archetype is a (and even more now) family company with human values at the center (kindness, respect, benevolence) of its activities, internally and towards clients. I will never forget that I was given a chance to learn how to do the job. Best of success for the future! »

Yves Mertens Co-founder a Ad Libram Coaching & Coaching

« I had a very good contact with Marc and Archetype. He values the same fundamentals and core values as I do in training, coaching and finding the right person for the right position. I can recommend Archetype as a much appreciated partner. »

Danny Dekerf Co-Founder at Kingsm3n