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The job market in the communications and marketing sector is dynamic and even competitive. Sometimes it is difficult for companies and candidates to find their way around. This makes a specialist player such as Archetype, the Belgian communications recruitment agency, essential for helping companies with a wide range of assignments.

A specialist agency serving the communication and marketing professions

Archetype has developed expertise in this sector and a dense network of professional contacts throughout Belgium. We can help you as an HR recruitment agency, a recruitment consultancy or a headhunting agency. Our experts are former communications and marketing professionals who understand the needs of both companies and candidates looking for their dream job.
Marketing and communications

Companies in the communications and marketing sector need a range of skills to implement their strategies, from communications and marketing measurement to digital project management and the creation of print and web content.
At Archetype, our recruiters are on the lookout for the best talent to fill positions related to :

  • product manager, marketing manager, marketing director…
  • press officer, internal or external communications officer, community manager, etc.

Digital professions

The digital revolution has led to the emergence of new professions specifically adapted to the needs of companies operating in the digital sector. Our teams are equipped to meet these recruitment challenges:

  • Web developers, data analysts, SEO/SEA specialists, etc.
  • Web designers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, etc.
  • Web writers, content managers, social media managers…

A rigorous and efficient recruitment process

At Archetype, we strive to develop innovative search methods to find the rare pearl. It’s not just a question of consulting CVs, but of going beyond them.

Identifying and assessing candidates

To guarantee the quality of recruitment at Archetype, our consultants use various methods to :

  • Sourcing and selecting suitable profiles from our extensive network of communications and marketing professionals.
  • Headhunting our competitors, an effective way of unearthing talent that would not otherwise have been identified. Archetype’s headhunters are experts at finding these people.
  • Use modern tools to detect and assess candidates’ skills and know-how: individual or group interviews, specific tests, work situations, etc.

Integration and post-recruitment follow-up

Once the rare pearl has been found, Archetype doesn’t stop there. Our firm supports its clients during the integration phase into the team, as well as regular monitoring to continually check stakeholder satisfaction.
This enables any problems to be identified quickly and resolved before they affect the smooth running of the team. This ensures better internal cohesion and long-term success.

Middle and Executive Management in Communication/Marketing

Thanks to its specific expertise, Archetype is also able to offer recruitment solutions for positions of responsibility within communication and marketing. Whether it’s a civil company, a commercial company, or any other type of company, our agency is able to find the right executives for positions such as:

  • Communications Director
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

To succeed in the field of communications and marketing, you need to be able to rely on a team that is motivated by the same objectives and has a wealth of varied skills. Archetype, a recruitment and communications agency in Belgium, will guide you towards that much sought-after success.