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The sales manager is a key resource within a sales company in Belgium. His or her main mission is to ensure sales growth and to steer the achievement of the commercial objectives set by general management. A company needs to be able to choose a sales manager who is competent, experienced and capable of carrying out these tasks successfully.
To do this, you need to call on a recruitment agency that specialises in selecting profiles for sales manager positions. In Belgium, Archetype stands out as an expert in this field. We are also a headhunting, consulting and recruitment agency.

Your partner for a targeted search tailored to your needs

With Archetype, sales companies benefit from the expertise of a firm dedicated to recruiting sales managers. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the commercial sector and our extensive network of professionals, we can offer you tailor-made candidates that precisely meet your expectations and your company’s specific needs.

Rigour and method in the selection process

At Archetype, we have developed a rigorous methodology for selecting the best profiles for each sales manager position. This method is based in particular on :

  • An in-depth analysis of skills enables us to measure the technical, organisational and managerial abilities of candidates. This enables us to check their compatibility with your company’s culture and values.
  • Personalised interviews enable us to assess the motivations, career aspirations and interpersonal skills of the ideal candidate for your company.
  • Professional references are systematically and conscientiously checked to confirm the candidate’s experience and ensure that he or she performs in positions similar to those required for the post of sales manager.

Solutions tailored to different recruitment needs

At Archetype, we adapt to all types of company and to all the specific requirements of sales manager positions. Whatever your sector of activity, your size or the nature of your search (permanent or temporary recruitment, interim management, etc.), we offer you the solution best suited to your requirements.

Percentage on Success

This type of collaboration guarantees your satisfaction thanks to our results-based approach. You only pay our recruitment agency once your new sales manager is in place, as a percentage of his or her gross annual salary.

Exclusive mandate

This is a mutual commitment between you and our recruitment agency Archetype. We ensure that the firm is more involved in the success of your recruitment. This approach guarantees regular, personalised monitoring throughout the recruitment process, right up to the successful integration of the successful candidate into the position of sales manager.


This service enables you to assess the skills, potential and motivation of candidates from within or outside your company. It is particularly useful during restructuring or internal development to improve the position and role of each person according to their skills.

Regular monitoring and sound advice

Archetype doesn’t just present its clients with hand-picked candidates. Our consultants also work with you throughout the selection process, providing ongoing support and relevant advice to help you find the perfect profile for the position of sales manager within your company.

Regular updates

As the recruitment of your Sales Director progresses, our consultants will review with you the various stages completed and the results obtained. They will inform you of any difficulties encountered and the steps taken to resolve them, so that we are always moving towards the final objective: hiring a sales manager who will perfectly meet your expectations.

Support through to the integration of the new employee

Even once the candidate has been selected and hired, Archetype remains at your side to ensure that he or she is successfully integrated into the heart of your sales organisation. Our firm can therefore put in place support tools (coaching, in-house training, etc.) to make it easier for the sales manager to take up his or her new role and improve his or her effectiveness from the very first days in his or her new position.