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  • 10 January 2023

    As we enter this new year, we can’t help but wonder if luck will be on your side.



In addition to selection, assessment and recruitment, we now have met Archetype's training skills. This coaching, in the form of seminar -...

Hugo Myncke,


Toupret Benelux

Archetype analyseert de bedrijfssituatie nauwgezet en gaat dan op zoek naar de geschikte kandidaat. Ze weten de situatie nauwkeurig in te schatten ...

Tanya Van Roy ,


I had the pleasure of working with Archetype on different occasions. Archetype recruited new sales employers for Mavom and Marc Diamant coached me...

Sherwin Gunawan ,

Mavom Chemical Solutions N.V.

A perfect MATCH… The perfect job @ BLCC and the perfect coaching signed Iris Schats! Thanks for your more than active support, Iris.



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