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For 30 years, Archetype has been the specialist in recruitment, training, and evaluations for sales, marketing, and management teams.
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We challenge and optimise the performance of organizations through the strategical and We practical development of human capital.

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Hiring top talent is critical to business success.
We specialize in finding the right profiles that align with your values, culture, and objectives, to ensure optimal fit and integration within your team.

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Developing the skills of your teams is essential to achieving long-term success.

Our tailored coaching programs aim to build strengths and enhance performance.

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Understanding the strengths and areas for improvement of your team is crucial to optimizing performance.

Our proven assessment tools provide actionable insights to help drive growth and development.

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Recruitment agency in Brussels: Archetype

Archetype is a 30-year-old recruitment agency based in Brussels, Belgium. Archetype’s offices are located on Avenue Louise, famous for its luxury boutiques and imposing buildings, and surrounded by major streets such as Rue du Bailli and Avenue de la Toison d’Or, known for their shops and restaurants. Archetype is easily accessible by public transport: the Bailli and Louise streetcar stations, as well as the Louise metro station, are all close by. We help you maximize your team’s potential through strategic recruitment of the best talent on the job market, specialized training and staff appraisals. Our core mission? To enable you to make the best out of your organization’s performance by strategically strengthening and developing your human resources – or, as we like to call them, your human capital. We’ve been experts in this field in Belgium and internationally for 30 years. Our recruitment agency has completed several thousand recruitments, training courses and staff appraisals.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is a structure staffed by specialized human resources consultants, more commonly known as HR specialists. A recruitment agency can be generalist or specialized. The mission of recruitment agencies is to recruit for the companies that call on their services. Rather than recruiting new employees on its own, a company calls on a professional intermediary to find new employees who meet the company’s needs. To take a real-life example, it’s like a person subcontracting or commissioning a real estate agency to find a home. The support offered by such firms enables companies to offload this task and guarantee superior recruitment quality. The company specifies various criteria and strategic objectives to be met by the new recruit, and the recruitment firm takes care of finding the ideal candidate. A recruitment agency such as Archetype manages the entire process of recruiting talent: defining needs, drafting and distributing job offers, sourcing strategy, shortlisting candidates, conducting interviews, taking up references, creating candidate files, and post-hiring follow-up, so as to guarantee high-quality, lasting recruitment.

Why use a recruitment agency?

Expertise and specialization

Recruitment agencies like Archetype have specialized consultants with in-depth knowledge of specific business sectors. As a result, we are able to identify and understand in depth the skills and qualities required for a given position.


If you’re at all familiar with the world of human resources, you know that the recruitment process can be long and laborious. By delegating this task to a recruitment agency, your company can concentrate on its core business, safe in the knowledge that the recruitment process is being managed by real professionals.

Access to a wider network of candidates

Thanks to a wider network and a more comprehensive database, a firm like ours has access to a larger pool of candidates, including those who are not actively seeking employment but who may be tempted by good opportunities.

A structured, methodical process

Recruiting top talent is a business in its own right. With several thousand recruitments to our credit and 30 years’ experience, we use proven in-house recruitment methodologies to assess candidates’ skills, experience and cultural compatibility with the position offered by the company, ensuring maximum quality hires.

Reducing recruitment risks

The only thing worse than not finding the right candidate is trying to hire the wrong one. Hiring the wrong talent or a person unsuited to the job or the company culture will cost you time, money and energy. Our expertise as a recruitment agency in Belgium and abroad enables us to considerably reduce the risk of making the wrong hire.

Post-hiring follow-up

The work of an HR firm doesn’t stop after hiring. A specialized human resources firm generally provides follow-up to ensure the successful integration of the candidate into the company, regardless of the type of contract, whether fixed-term or permanent. The best recruitment agencies will make sure that the graft into a new company works over the short, medium and long term.

What is the advantage of recruiting through a specialized recruitment agency?

There are generalist recruitment agencies that recruit for all kinds of positions and industries. Others, like Archetype, specialize in certain fields. Some firms specialize in digital, managerial recruitment, management in general, finance, marketing or sales, like our company.

Sector expertise

A specialized recruitment firm will have in-depth knowledge and experience in a given sector, with all its specificities. This expertise gives them a special empathy with the company that hires them, and a precise understanding of the nuances between different roles within the company and market trends.

Access to a higher-quality talent pool

If you were an ambitious soccer team looking to bring in a new player, would you use a general sports agent (if any) or a footballer’s agent? Specialized agencies have an eye on the market and on candidates who are not only active in the job-hunting market, but also passive (i.e. not currently looking for work, but keeping an eye out for opportunities). This broadens the pool of potential candidates, going beyond the pool accessible via traditional job ads.

Recruitment process

The time needed to find the ideal candidate can be reduced through optimized recruitment processes.

Consulting and strategic support

A specialist recruitment agency not only recruits for your company, but also provides strategic advice and support to help you better understand the market and adjust your search for new talent accordingly.

Reducing the risk of inappropriate hiring

We’ve already covered this subject in a previous paragraph. Clearly, a better understanding of the market and the specific needs of a given position can significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong hire.

How do I send my CV to a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agency websites often have a contact form where you can send your CV with a view to being hired on a fixed-term or permanent basis. On the Archetype website you’re currently on, just click on the “job offer” button (top right of the page if you’re on a computer, or in the menu if you’re on a smartphone or tablet on “find a job”). You can apply for a job directly by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, which allows you to enter your personal details and send a CV.

Who pays the recruitment agency?

Each human resources company has its own payment policy. In general, it’s the client company, i.e. the one looking to recruit, that pays the recruitment agency for the service it provides, i.e. pure recruitment of talent on fixed-term or permanent contracts, team training, assessment and human resources consulting. Payment can be defined in different ways:

Fixed fees

The recruitment firm charges a fixed fee for its services, irrespective of the salary of the candidate being hired.

Percentage of annual salary

The firm charges a percentage of the hired candidate’s annual salary. This percentage generally varies between 15% and 30%, depending on the complexity of the position and the level of specialization required.

Success-based fees

Some firms may opt for a success-based payment model, where they are paid only if the candidate they have presented is hired by the company.

Retainer model

In some cases, especially for high-level positions or specialized searches, a firm may request an initial payment (retainer) to begin the search process.

As a general rule, it is never the candidates’ responsibility to pay for the services of a recruitment agency. The business model of this type of company responds to the needs of organizations in terms of recruitment, training and personnel assessment. The costs are thus, logically, covered by these organizations.

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