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The success of an organisation depends on the quality of its people. That’s why recruitment is an essential step in ensuring that the right people meet the organisation’s needs. Specialist human resources agencies play a key role in this process. Archetype, an HR recruitment agency in Belgium, offers tailored services and supports companies throughout the process.

Why use an HR recruitment agency like Archetype?

The increasingly competitive labour market requires companies to have high-performance teams and high-level HR professionals to ensure proper management of their human resources. These experts are able to manage payroll, optimise HR information systems, provide specific training and organise career management. An HR recruitment agency like Archetype brings its expertise and experience to bear in selecting the profiles best suited to the needs of client companies.

Save time and improve efficiency

By offering support throughout the recruitment process, our Archetype recruitment agency enables companies to save time and concentrate on their core business. Our specialist human resources consultants select candidates, conduct interviews and check skills and references, considerably reducing the workload for the client company. As a result, every vacancy is quickly filled with a profile that matches the company’s expectations.

Customised services

Our human resources recruitment agency, Archetype, offers a range of solutions to help organisations find the right candidates for their vacancies: permanent recruitment, fixed-term contracts, temporary executive positions, direct approach, etc. We work closely with companies to understand their specific needs, the relevant market and define the best recruitment strategy. Archetype, our Belgian HR consultancy, also offers a personalised service tailored to the specific requirements of each client company.

The different types of positions we handle

Our recruitment agency specialising in human resources, HR consulting, recruitment consulting and international recruitment offers services covering all sectors of society. Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • Recruiting payroll managers
  • Searching for training managers
  • Selecting HR information systems experts
  • Finding compensation and benefits professionals (comp & ben)
  • Supporting companies in talent management
  • Find human resources consultants or project managers

These services are aimed both at companies looking to strengthen their permanent staff and at those needing an HR expert for a one-off assignment. For each request, our recruitment agency provides solutions to make the process as successful as possible.

Implementing a personalised strategy

In order to offer services tailored to the specific needs of our corporate clients, our HR recruitment agency implements a customised action plan. The aim is to quickly and efficiently select the people who match the criteria established in the initial brief. Several steps are usually followed to streamline the search:

  • In-depth analysis of the client company’s expectations
  • Definition of the position and the profile required
  • Selection of interesting CVs
  • Conducting interviews and skills tests
  • Checking professional references
  • Proposing the best profiles to the client

This rigorous methodology ensures that each recruitment matches the requirements set by the client company.

Support throughout the process

Our recruitment agency specialising in human resources, Archetype, does more than just present CVs to the client company. We support companies throughout the recruitment process, to ensure that the successful candidate can integrate his or her new team under the best possible conditions. To this end, our HR recruitment agency offers :

  • Advice on the precise definition of requirements
  • Support in preparing and conducting interviews
  • Assistance in negotiating the contract
  • Support in the event of a dispute with the candidate or employer
  • Support for integration into the team through regular monitoring

These services guarantee companies a comprehensive, personalised and flexible approach that improves their performance and facilitates their success.