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In business, we face new challenges that force us to remain competitive in the marketplace. One of the main keys to this success is good human resources management. Archetype remains the human resources consultancy, recruitment consulting, specialised recruitment, communication recruitment, etc. in Belgium that can support you.

Archetype: a key player in HR consulting in Belgium

Archetype is an agency specialising in HR consultancy, serving companies throughout Belgium. We help companies implement human resources management strategies tailored to their specific needs.

A team of experts at your service

Archetype’s consultants all come from varied and complementary backgrounds. This enables us to provide global expertise on the human resources issues faced by Belgian companies. Each member of the team has a solid academic background as well as significant professional experience in his or her field.

Tailor-made support

Aware that each company is unique and faces its own challenges, Archetype offers personalised support tailored to the needs of each organisation. The solutions we propose aim to foster skills development, employee commitment and overall business performance.

Archetype’s areas of expertise in HR consulting

Our human resources consultancy Archetype is involved in the following areas in particular:

  • Helping companies to attract and recruit the best talent, while rationalising the costs and timescales of the recruitment process;
  • Supporting organisations in identifying the key skills needed to implement their strategy and helping managers to develop their teams;
  • Designing and implementing training programmes and coaching initiatives to develop and enhance companies’ human potential;
  • Develop a coherent and attractive remuneration policy that retains talent and supports individual and collective performance;
  • Supporting companies in managing relations with staff representative bodies and preventing industrial disputes;
  • Offering support to employees during periods of professional change (restructuring, redundancy, internal mobility).

HR consultancy serving the overall performance of Belgian companies

At Archetype, we work to meet the present and future needs of companies in Belgium. Our expertise enables us to support organisations in their human resources transformation.

HR and management: a winning tandem

As a strategic partner to Belgian companies, our recruitment agency Archetype offers an integrated and coherent approach to human resources and management. By taking a global, cross-functional view of HR issues, our firm is able to identify relevant areas for action to improve team performance and strengthen commitment.

Innovation and digitalisation at the service of HR

Archetype’s expertise also includes the use of cutting-edge tools to manage talent sparingly and intelligently. In this way, the firm is positioning itself as a key player in the digital transformation of companies in Belgium, in particular through the provision of innovative solutions in the field of human resources.