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The HR recruitment agency Archetype is a key player in the Belgian business world. We specialise in finding and selecting the best professionals to meet the specific human resources needs of local and international companies.

An innovative approach to candidate selection

Archetype’s innovative approach is based on a proven methodology and modern tools. This enables us to assess the right person for the job. Our expert human resources team regularly publishes articles and studies to share its know-how and support organisations in their recruitment process.

In-depth interviews to get to know candidates better

At Archetype, our consultants seek to get to know people before putting them forward to companies. To do this, they conduct in-depth interviews to understand their motivations and assess their aptitudes and professional experience. They also explore their aspirations, personalities and ability to fit into a team.

Psychometric tests to assess professional aptitudes

In addition to interviews, our recruitment agency specialising in HR, recruitment consulting, specialist recruitment, HR consultancy, etc. uses psychometric tests to assess candidates’ professional and cognitive skills. These tests accurately determine their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their ability to adapt to a new environment.

Services tailored to companies’ needs

Archetype offers several services to support companies at every stage of the recruitment process. Our experienced consultants work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and propose the best possible solutions.

Search and selection of candidates

At Archetype, we have a large and up-to-date database of the best HR professionals in Belgium. Our consultants also have a large network of contacts and expertise in various fields. This enables them to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for the positions to be filled.

Advice on organisation and skills management

As well as searching for and selecting candidates, our consultants help companies to assess and develop their employees’ skills. They can advise on the implementation of training or coaching programmes, as well as on the adaptation of organisational structures within the company.

Supporting companies in complying with legal regulations

The recruitment and human resources management processes are subject to numerous legal regulations in Belgium. Our consultants help organisations to comply with their requirements, particularly in terms of pre-employment declarations and employment contracts.

Partnerships with educational establishments to develop skills

Archetype is keen to have a comprehensive view of jobs in the field of human resources. To this end, we are forging partnerships with schools and universities in Belgium in order to monitor the development of the training courses on offer. But we also contribute directly to the training of students who will represent the future generation of human resources professionals.

Participation in selection and admission panels

Archetype consultants are regularly asked to sit on selection and admission panels at various higher education institutions. This participation not only enables them to share their expertise with future HR professionals, but also to detect promising talent at an early stage.

Organising workshops and conferences on job market trends

To keep abreast of the latest developments in the human resources sector, Archetype regularly organises workshops and conferences for students and recent graduates. These events provide an opportunity to present job market trends and discuss the skills sought by recruiters in Belgium.

The advantages of working with Archetype

Calling on the services of Archetype, a recruitment agency specialising in human resources, has a number of advantages for companies, such as
  • Saving time and money thanks to careful pre-selection of the most suitable profiles for the positions to be filled
  • Personalised support in managing skills and organising work
  • Benefit from expert advice on legal regulations in the Belgian human resources sector
  • Develop close relationships with future HR professionals through partnerships with educational establishments.