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Our assessments have as their goal to answer the needs of companies concerning the evaluation of one or more of their employees or a team.


     In order to fine-tune the profile of a candidate

     In order to take stock of how they operate

     As a preliminary step in view of organizing an adapted and relevant training program

     In view of assisting an employee in their development within the company

     Within the framework of an audit


A briefing allows us to identify the needs of our clients and to bring to light the determined objective, the elements to evaluate, the skills to strengthen, and the attitudes to detect.


The assessment is based on several evaluation tools:


      In-depth interview

      Personality test

      Motivations and ambitions

      Discussions based on concrete cases

      Organization of role-play games

      Specific tests according to the following areas:


     and/or marketing

     and/or managerial


Following this evaluation, an oral report of the results will be given within 24 hours, followed by a detailed written report.




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