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Develop knowhow


Set up and development of a training framework


Post training


Analysis: developing expertise while considering what has already been attained

Without lecturing participants, our coaches are convinced that all learning goes through a phase of developing “a willingness to learn and to change”, in other words an acceptance of the training process. In this sense, Archetype can assist you in the process of identifying the attitudes and aptitudes that you wish to develop in your work and within your team. In certain situations, this analysis step is strengthened and fine-tuned through a detailed audit.


Training: building a training program

Archetype offers you a catalog of diverse training courses, specialized in the fields of sales, marketing, and management, yet equally on the questions of well-being in the workplace, of communication, and of the global organization of your company. By identifying the skills to develop, we can define the expertise and areas in need of awareness to be put into practice in order to reach the determined objective. Archetype offers training courses on the major topics connected to your daily work experience—consistently accompanied by a conscientious effort to adapt to your company.


These training courses are accessible to you and your team, but also in the form of seminars. Contact us for more information!


Assistance: follow-up after training

During each training course, we make sure to evaluate the level of satisfaction of the participants in order to continuously improve our approach and methodology. In working with Archetype, you are sure to engage with experienced coaches, with a passion for their work and very much concerned about the implications of their training on the future of your company, thanks to continuous contact between the participants and the coaches during the follow-up stage. We equally give our participants access to other tools, which are useful for them in their daily work and which allow them to continuously move forward.

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