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Assessment/Evaluation for internal promotion

We make assessment an essential tool for companies.

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Assessment/Evaluation for internal promotion is a set of mechanisms for identifying and recognising employees’ skills, performance and potential. Assessment/Evaluation for promotion is essential to facilitate promotions within the company. Archetype, a recruitment and assessment firm based in Belgium, makes assessment an essential tool for companies.

Understanding assessment in a professional context

In an economic environment where competition is omnipresent, improving human resources management is a necessity. Assessment is an appropriate solution that enables companies to identify their talents and untapped potential. This method involves an in-depth study of employee profiles, taking into account both technical skills and interpersonal qualities. For organisations, we offer assessment/evaluation for internal promotion, assessment/evaluation of sales skills, assessment/evaluation of managerial skills and assessment/evaluation for recruitment.

The main stages in an assessment

The company’s needs are assessed. The first step is to define precisely the objectives to be achieved and the skills required to achieve them.

  • Identify the potential candidates concerned, who need to be informed about the possibilities for career development and their interest in these prospects.
  • Assess these candidates by means of tests, simulations and individual interviews. Our professionals will determine the profile of each employee and identify their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The information gathered during the various stages of the assessment is analysed and summarised in a detailed report to help the company make decisions.

The undeniable contribution of assessment to internal promotion

As a reminder, promotion within a company involves assigning a position of greater responsibility to an employee who has demonstrated appropriate skills within the company. Assessment is a key lever in this process.

Encouraging employees to develop professionally

By identifying the aspirations and potential of each employee, assessment facilitates their professional development within the organisation. More motivated and involved, they will actively contribute to improving the company’s overall performance.

A better understanding of the profiles that are compatible with the positions to be filled

Thanks to the assessment methods implemented by Archetype, companies have a powerful tool at their disposal for selecting candidates whose skills, personality, organisational skills and human qualities meet the requirements of the position on offer.

Strengthening team cohesion

By providing a better understanding of each candidate’s aptitudes and expectations, assessment facilitates the implementation of more appropriate training and collective skills development measures.

Why call on Archetype for your assessment?

As a specialist in the field, Archetype offers tailor-made support to companies wishing to improve the management of their human resources through assessment within the company. There are several key advantages to this approach:
  • Each company is unique and therefore requires a specific approach. Based on its needs, we propose tailored solutions that guarantee convincing results.
  • With our experience and working closely with companies, our experts put all their know-how at their clients’ disposal to provide them with the best possible support in their assessment and promotion process.
Archetype uses recognised assessment methods such as psycho-technical tests, simulation exercises, role-plays and structured interviews to obtain a true picture of each employee’s profile and thus assess the individual’s potential for promotion.