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Recruitment is a process for all companies, whatever their size. However, it is not always easy to find the right candidate for a vacancy after a recruitment test, particularly in Belgium. That’s why Archetype, a recruitment and assessment agency based in Belgium, is one of the recruiters specialising in assessment and evaluation for corporate recruitment.

The importance of assessment in recruitment

The recruitment process can be long, costly and time-consuming for companies that do not necessarily have the resources to manage this task effectively. Poor assessment of the skills and aptitudes of potential candidates can lead to errors of judgement, resulting in the hiring of someone who is unsuitable for the job after the recruitment tests.
This observation led us, as recruiters, to develop our expertise in the assessment and evaluation of candidates in order to help Belgian companies improve their recruitment processes. As a result, organisations can benefit from tailor-made support to select the profiles best suited to their needs following the recruitment test.

Archetype’s assessment methodology

In order to guarantee good results in terms of Assessment/Assessment for recruitment, Assessment/Assessment for internal promotion, Assessment/Assessment of sales skills, Assessment/Assessment of managerial skills, at Archetype we have put in place a rigorous methodology for the assessment and selection of candidates with proven management skills. This approach is divided into several stages:

  • The in-depth interview, which explores the candidate’s motivation, ambition, personality, professional skills and ability to manage a team. The aim is to gain an understanding of the applicant’s profile.
  • The practical case is another stage. We use real-life situations to identify the candidate’s motives in specific contexts.
  • The personality test assesses the candidate’s personality skills and approach to sales and management.
  • Depending on the position, the candidate must pass an internal sales or management test, ensuring a targeted assessment of the skills required
  • Role-playing comes into play, providing a practical simulation to assess the candidate’s skills for the typical job
  • Reference checks with previous employers complete the process, ensuring a complete and authenticated view of the candidate’s career history.

Assessment methods at Archetype

We carry out an assessment/evaluation for recruitment when our client wishes to evaluate a person, either internally or as part of a recruitment process. This process is often linked to management, following the instructions defined during the briefing.

  • We use a personality test completed in advance by the person concerned, the candidate.
  • We conduct an in-depth three-hour interview, including a number of questions relating to experience, personality and management skills. These three hours also include two role plays and a strategic case study. The appraisee receives detailed feedback throughout the interview.
  • A full report is drawn up and presented verbally to the employer. This report includes full details of the appraisee, our recommendations and any areas for attention identified.

Thanks to this range of tools, Archetype is able to provide a global and accurate view of candidates’ profiles, enabling companies to make choices during their recruitment tests.

The advantages of a partnership with Archetype

Using a firm specialising in assessment and evaluation for recruitment offers a number of advantages to companies:

  • Save time and increase efficiency by delegating all or part of the recruitment process to experts who have mastered candidate assessment and selection methods. This also allows internal efforts to be focused on the company’s core business.
  • Guarantee a better match between the job and the candidate by relying on rigorous and innovative assessment tools. These tools are designed to accurately determine the managerial, technical and management skills and aptitudes required for a given position.
  • Improving the quality and diversity of applications by broadening the scope of searches, using innovative methods to attract the attention of top talent, and avoiding traditional selection biases.

Build a long-term partnership with customised support tailored to the company’s specific and evolving needs. This partnership helps to establish mutual trust between the two parties and to continually improve internal processes.