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Team-building is an increasingly common and popular practice in the corporate world. Its main aim is to improve employee performance by developing synergy within a group. Archetype, our recruitment, assessment and training agency in Belgium, has made team building a central pillar of its corporate support strategy. The aim is to create a unique and rewarding experience for everyone, all in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

The benefits of team-building for companies

Team building is an approach that aims to strengthen cohesion and collaboration within a work team. It is a process in which team members take part in sessions and exercises designed to improve their relationships, communication and collective effectiveness. With team building, you create a positive working environment that fosters trust, mutual understanding and collaboration between team members.
Team building activities can take many forms: outdoor games, workshops, seminars, problem-solving exercises and so on. They are generally designed to encourage active participation, strengthen interpersonal communication, identify individual and collective strengths, and resolve potential conflicts.
Various studies show that successful teams are those that share a common vision, mutual understanding and unfailing trust between their members. Team-building exercises play a major role in reinforcing these elements of collective success.

  • Team-building helps to improve communication, i.e. coordination, active listening and taking everyone’s ideas into account during group work sessions.
  • The exercises enable participants to better understand and manage the challenges they face in their professional environment, helping them to find innovative and creative solutions.
  • The fun and satisfaction they bring creates a sense of belonging and improves employee satisfaction, encouraging them to give their all to achieve their common goals.
  • The exercises invite each member of the team to take on certain responsibilities and make them aware of the importance of their individual contribution to the collective success.
  • The activities enable participants to get to know each other better, create solid interpersonal links and build a close-knit, united team in the face of the many tasks ahead.

A choice of activities to suit all tastes and profiles

The diversity of approaches offered by Archetype during team-building sessions means that different objectives and results can be achieved. Choose activities that are tailored to the needs and expectations of your company and your employees, to ensure their buy-in and the effectiveness of the results achieved.

Creative activities

These workshops encourage employees to express their artistic and imaginative side while working together on a joint project, such as a mural or an animated film. These stimulating moments strengthen cohesion and unleash the creativity essential to problem-solving and innovation.

Sports activities

Physical challenges are an excellent opportunity to shake up habits and change environment. From a simple run to a mountain hike, these fun and energising activities encourage people to help each other, challenge themselves and bond as a group.

Collaborative activities

Challenging participants to solve riddles together, collaborating on a project or taking part in supportive brainstorming sessions are all ways of energising the chemistry and interpersonal relationships within the group, while encouraging the constructive exchange of ideas and listening.

Intellectual activities

Strategy games, quizzes and scripted challenges with intellectual baggage stimulate analytical skills and offer an opportunity to develop critical thinking. With this in mind, Archetype offers activities such as alarm’hacke, where you have to find a way to defuse an imaginary bomb.

Tailor-made support by Archetype

Our firm, which handles training courses such as sales training, management training and communication training, is committed to providing comprehensive, personalised support for each company that calls on our services. Our approach is based on several stages to ensure the quality and success of your team-building event:

  • We carry out an in-depth analysis of your needs, gathering information on your company’s culture, your motivations and objectives in order to design a tailor-made programme.
  • Our firm will draw up a strategic plan, proposing a range of activities tailored to your needs and consistent with the expectations identified during the needs analysis.
  • We take care of the logistics, providing a team of experts to lead the activities and ensure that the event runs smoothly. This involves professional leadership and supervision.
  • We set up processes to measure the impact of the event on productivity, motivation and synergy within the team, and identify areas for improvement for future sessions.

Team-building is an excellent way of strengthening the bonds between your employees and improving their interpersonal and professional skills. Archetype can help you create an unforgettable experience for your team. The positive repercussions will quickly be felt on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that your company’s objectives are met.