Cabinet de recrutement Bruxelles Archetype

Investing in the skills development of your employees is a top priority for any company. As a business manager, you need to be able to identify and fill the gaps in your team to ensure its full success. One of the key skills you can develop in your employees is sales.

The Archetype method for effective, tailored sales training

With 30 years’ experience in training more than 3,000 people in a variety of fields including sales, communication, management and more, the method of our corporate training firm Archetype, located in Brussels, Belgium, starts by defining the coaching objectives. We align ourselves with the expectations of the board of directors. Our approach is based on three points:

  • An initial meeting with your team enables us to establish a precise diagnosis of your current sales needs and skills. This stage ensures your team’s commitment and enables us to tailor our programme to their specific needs.
  • Following this analysis, together we set concrete, measurable objectives that will guide the training. These objectives reflect the Board’s expectations and the team’s ambitions.
  • We are committed to post-training follow-up to ensure that the skills acquired are applied in practice. This ensures a lasting and positive impact on the team’s overall performance.

Key skills covered during our sales training course

During our training course, your employees will learn to master various techniques and knowledge that are essential for success in the field of sales.

Mastering the basics of communication

To sell effectively, you need to know how to communicate with prospects and customers. We teach our participants how to listen actively to the person they are talking to, rephrase what they say to show that they understand, and ask open-ended questions to find out more about their needs and expectations.

Developing an effective prospecting strategy

Prospecting is one of the main stages in the sales process. In our training course, your employees will learn how to develop a prospecting strategy tailored to your company and how to organise their time to make it more effective. They will also discover various methods for generating qualified sales opportunities in order to increase their customer portfolio.

Negotiating and closing sales successfully

Mastering the art of negotiation is a skill that salespeople must have. We teach your staff to handle objections tactfully, to adapt their pitch to the situation and the buyer’s profile, and to use persuasion techniques to positively influence the buying decision.

The benefits of sales training for corporate teams

There are many advantages to offering sales training to your staff:

  • By developing your employees’ sales skills, you contribute directly to increasing your company’s sales and strengthening its market position. As a result, your sales performance will improve.
  • Well-trained staff are better able to understand and respond to customer needs. This helps to create a solid, lasting relationship with them and build loyalty.
  • Investing in your staff’s skills development demonstrates your commitment to them and increases their job satisfaction. This has a direct impact on their motivation and involvement within the team.
  • Sales methods are constantly evolving and it’s important for your employees to keep abreast of new trends and innovations. Regular training will enable them to adapt quickly and effectively to these changes.

To ensure the success of your team and develop their sales skills, it is essential to provide them with quality sales training. Don’t hesitate to call on the Archetype in-company training agency for tailor-made support tailored to your team’s needs.