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For three decades, our mission at Archetype has been to transform human potential into sustainable performance. Imagine a turnkey corporate seminar combining strategy and team building. Archetype creates this exceptional setting. We offer a unique experience, combining strategic thinking, personal development and team-building. Here, every manager finds the keys to energizing his or her team. Discover our customized seminars, experienced trainers and innovative activities. Archetype means choosing excellence for your team. Immerse yourself in a world where performance meets humanity.

Organize a turnkey corporate seminar to strengthen strategy and group cohesion

If you’re a manager or company director, you’re undoubtedly concerned with the performance and fulfillment of your teams. Are you looking for an impactful way to involve them in strategic decisions while fostering their cohesion? The corporate seminar. Offering a turnkey stay with your sales team, your management team, or the whole company creates a favorable environment for communication, learning and sharing ideas. As part of the activities organized during these stays, you’ll have the opportunity to take a step back, align yourself with the strategy, and get to know your colleagues better.

Why choose a turnkey corporate seminar?

To save time

With a turnkey offer, you won’t have to worry about organization, so you can concentrate on your day-to-day responsibilities. Our trainers take care of setting up strategic discussions and training sessions, as well as fun activities to encourage sharing among participants.

Experienced trainers

With 30 years’ experience in training, recruitment, profile and team assessment and corporate seminars, team building, for over 3,000 people in a variety of fields such as sales, communication, management and more, our Arc’ in-company training method offers proven know-how.


A turnkey corporate seminar is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re the manager of a small team or the CEO of a multinational, our organization will find the best solutions to meet your expectations.

Activities offered during a corporate seminar

Strategic workshops and collective reflection

corporate seminar brussels belgium

To enable your team to better understand and participate in the company’s global strategy, workshops can be organized to address various themes. These moments of collective reflection are also an opportunity to question certain practices and share ideas.

  • Establishing a shared vision through brainstorming on objectives and actions to be taken
  • Drawing up concrete action plans to effectively achieve defined objectives
  • Practical case studies to deal with day-to-day situations.

Soft skills development workshops

Interpersonal communication: learning to listen and dialogue with colleagues improves professional relationships and facilitates teamwork.

Decision-making: through role-playing, participants will gain a better understanding of the decision-making process and associated risks.

Stress management: techniques such as relaxation, meditation or playful exercises can be proposed during a seminar. They give employees the opportunity to learn how to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Team-building activities

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Bringing your staff together around a common activity is essential for building mutual trust and strengthening team cohesion. Our turnkey team-building packages generally include fun activities to encourage this convivial atmosphere.

  • Sports activities to stimulate team spirit
  • Role-playing to develop understanding of the different personalities present in the team
  • Creative workshops to stimulate imagination and innovation, while offering your employees a moment of relaxation.

Benefits of a successful corporate seminar

Strengthening bonds between colleagues

Beyond the work sessions, it’s also an opportunity for your employees to share convivial moments. This collective experience will strengthen their relationships and facilitate future collaboration.

Commitment to strategy

Workshops are designed to align the team with the company’s objectives. In this way, seminars reinforce employee involvement and motivation.

Fostering a sense of belonging

By going abroad together for a few days, your employees will feel more integrated into your company, and this experience will strengthen their loyalty to it.

Management recognition

Organizing this type of event shows that you attach importance to your teams and their well-being, which will have a positive impact on the image our company conveys both externally and internally.

Away from the constraints of everyday life, your teams will have the opportunity to get closer together during various activities that will unite them around a single objective: improving the company’s performance.